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Speakers, trips, conventions, competitions and more!

Birding Events: 

Register now! Colorado Birding Challenge May 8, 2021 

Shorebird Fall Field Trips coming late August and early September - more details tbd 

CFO 2022 Convention - Pueblo, May 19-22 - More details tbd

Speaker Series:

June:  Richard Crossley

September:  Holly Merker 

Check out past presentations here. 

Birding Skills Workshop Series:

May:  Flycatcher ID in Colorado with David TØnnesen Sunday May 30 7pm via Zoom - stay tuned for registration link.

June:  hummingbird ID - more details tbd

July:  juvenile bird ID - more details tbd 

August:  Eric Hynes on Colorado Shorebird ID to prepare for our fall Shorebird field trip series - August 7th 

View recorded sessions of our workshop series here. 


Join us for our Annual Meeting coming summer 2021 via Zoom with keynote speaker Richard Crossley.  More details as date approaches.