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The Ronald A. Ryder Award for Distinguished Service to Colorado Field Ornithology

Selection Criteria
  • For distinguished service to the Colorado Field Ornithologists' organization and its goals.
  • For scholarly contributions to the Colorado Field Ornithologists and to Colorado field ornithology.
  • For sharing knowledge of Colorado field ornithology with the people of the state of Colorado.
Nomination & Selection Process
  • Only living persons may be nominated.
  • Nominations may be made by the membership at large.
  • The Board selects and approves an awardee for announcement at the Annual Colorado Field Ornithologists' Convention during the year a recipient is chosen.
  • The Award will be a plaque designed to match the original plaque given to Dr. Ryder.
  • Nominations should be submitted in writing to the Award Committee Chairperson on or before January 15 to be considered by the Colorado Field Ornithologists' Board of Directors.

Special Awards

CFO members fund the "Special Awards" program entirely with voluntary contributions. Plaques of appreciation are given to businesses, landowners and other individuals who allow access to private property in order to view rare or unusual birds.

Submit nominations to the CFO Awards Committee Chair.

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