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CFO Announces the Establishment of the Joe Roller Memorial Grant
CFO Board, 12/12/2020
This summer the Colorado Field Ornithologists are proud to have been able to support 7 different scientists still undertaking important research on the birds of Colorado despite the pandemic with grants totaling nearly $9000, funded primarily by member donations. Some of the research we are supporting this year include investigating how climate change is affecting Yellow Warblers and American Redstarts, population monitoring of sagebrush obligate species, studying what the effects of non-native tree species are on the diets of Chickadee nestlings, evaluating speciation of the White-breasted Nuthatch across it’s range, and how Flammulated Owls of the San Juans use the landscape to cope with environmental changes. We are so glad we could continue to advance the mission of the CFO and our membership through supporting continued bird work of scientists across the state! Come hear about the work of Scott Yanco studying flammulated owls with help from our grant at our virtual annual meeting next Saturday July 25th at 7pm via Zoom -