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  • Can I use PayPal if I do not have an account with them?
    Yes, when the initial PayPal screen appears look for the link to use a credit card and follow the instructions.
  • How can I donate to the efforts of the COBC?
    Select Make a Pledge/Donation from the menu. You may choose a general donation or donate to a team. When you submit you will go to PayPal to complete your donation. You may also pledge an amount per species for a team and you will be contacted after the count for completion.
  • What if I prefer not to use PayPal?
    Although we encourage the use of PayPal for ease of management, you may certainly mail a check for your donation to Colorado Field Ornithologists, P.O. Box 1568, Loveland, CO 80539. Please include your email address and the team you are supporting so our treasurer can update your record properly.
Team Leader Tasks
  • What are my responsibilities as a team leader?
    1) Get your friends and neighbors to donate to or pledge to your team. 2) Create eBird checklists during your count and submit to eBird. 3) Create a county-based eBird checklist with all species seen during the day and share with COBC2021. 4) Login to the CFO website and go to your Team Leader Reporting page. Enter your total species and create emails to collect your pledges and report back to all of your supporters.

Contact the COBC Committee

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