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In the Scope

Sharpen your identification skills

Tony Leukering

Tony Leukering, and occasional guest authors, present identification challenges that are sure to increase your knowledge and appreciation of Colorado's birds.


Heavily-marked Male Brewer’s Blackbirds    Leukering, Tony    Colorado Birds: Dec 2020  54-4

Distinguishing Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs    Leukering, Tony    Colorado Birds: Aug 2020  54-3

The Problem of Juvenile and Immature Barn Swallows    Tony Leukering    Colorado Birds: May 2020  54-2

In the Scope: Molt in Ducks and Why Birders Should Care    Tony Leukering    Colorado Birds: Feb 2020  54(1)

In The Scope: Spotted and Solitary sandpipers and a review of this column's history    Tony Leukering    Colorado Birds: Nov 2019  53(4)

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