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White-tailed Ptarmigan, Lefthand Reservoir, Boulder County

© Christian Nunes

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In the Scope Contributor - Tony Leukering
The Hungry Bird Contributor - David Leatherman
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Instructions To Authors

Colorado Birds is devoted to the field study of birds in Colorado. We invite you to submit articles of general or scientific interest for publication. Authors are encouraged to submit materials that contribute to the enjoyment and understanding of birds in Colorado. The preferred submission method is via email attachment to the Colorado Birds editor. Submissions may be edited for length and content. 

Photos or other art may be submitted in black and white or color. Files should be saved as high-resolution jpeg or similar format and must be a minimum of 900 x 750 pixels. Potential cover images must be at least 2625 (vertically) x 1725 (horizontally) pixels. For cover photos, it is also important to remember that there needs to be space at the top of the image for the journal title, etc. Please DO NOT save photos in MS Word or otherwise embed within a document. Include photo captions along with the photographer’s name, where and when taken, and other relevant information. All photos should be sent to the Colorado Birds editor.

Contributors who are not members of CFO will, upon request, receive a complimentary copy of the issue of Colorado Birds in which their articles appear. The articles in this journal reflect the research and opinions of the individual authors. As such, the articles do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of the Officers, Directors, or other representatives of CFO.