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CFO Announces the Establishment of the Joe Roller Memorial Grant
CFO Board, 12/12/2020
Colorado Field Ornithologists is an organization to bring people to birds and to bring birds to people. We do this by encouraging birding as a hobby, ornithology as a career, providing a journal, and hosting conventions and field trips. We also recognize that the freedom to go birding or to do field research without harassment is not one available to all. This awareness was highlighted with the recent events in Central Park in New York City and the forthright articles published by the National Audubon Society and written by Black researchers and birders. CFO wants to ensure that all current and future members know that Colorado Field Ornithologists welcomes the involvement of all, encourages participation by people of color, and values equity and inclusion. Some might say - and indeed have- that this topic is too political for CFO but when people of color are negatively affected, we must speak out against the injustice and ensure that we are addressing any issues in our own state. There is no place in this country where racism does not invade and CFO wants to ensure that we do our part to improve access to our majestic flora and fauna. Birders and ornithologists routinely see and honor the diversity in the bird world and CFO embraces the same honoring of the diversity of people. Our nation is at a point of reckoning with historic and current racism, a reckoning that is long overdue. Our nondiscrimination statement highlights this commitment.
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