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CFO LogoWFO LogoColorado Field Ornithologists and Western Field Ornithologists Announce New Partnership

CFO has entered into a relationship with Western Field Ornithologists (WFO) in order to benefit members of both organizations. Currently, officers and board members of both organizations are communicating how each organization functions, how best to partner, and how to mutually benefit. Goals we will pursue include sharing of technical reviewers for each other’s journal (Western Birds and Colorado Birds), field trips led by members of both organizations, invitations to attend each other’s conferences at member rates, publicity with links to each other’s web sites to share information, and reduced rates for members of each organization to join the other. Liaison between the two organizations will be Larry Modesitt from CFO and Jon Dunn from WFO.

CFO President Bill Kaempfer said, “Western Field Ornithologists is a great organization of amateur and professional field ornithologists that promotes the study of birds throughout western North America including Hawaii, the northeastern Pacific Ocean and western Mexico. I’m excited to invite WFO members to participate in our programs and to learn more about their programs and initiatives with the goal of making both organizations stronger.”

WFO President Dave Quady said, “I’m very pleased that we and Colorado Field Ornithologists, an organization whose purposes so closely parallel WFO’s, have developed this partnership, and we look forward to identifying ways that the members of both organizations can benefit from it in the years ahead.”

Be sure to check back here later on the WFO Partnership web page, as more information about the nature and benefits of the CFO-WFO partnership, and about WFO, will be posted here as they are developed.  In the meantime, to learn more about WFO, it's mission, and activities, see