Past Colorado Birding Challenges

2022 Challenge

Counties Birded
Conservation Funds

Gunnison Sage Grouse Conservation 

Funds raised from the 2022 Colorado Birding Challenge were donated to Gunnison Basin-Sagebrush Ecosystem Alliance cheatgrass removal and sagebrush habitat restoration. In addition to Gunnison Sage-Grouse recovery, this will support habitat recovery for other sagebrush-dependent species including Brewer's Sparrow, Sagebrush Sparrow, Sage Thrasher, Green-tailed Towhee and Vesper Sparrow.

Big Day Category Winners


Winner: The Ususal Suspects

% of Par: 99%

Total Species: 127

County Birded: Dolores

Team Members: Glenn Dunmire & Mike Thomas


Winner: The Shining Mountain Ramblers

% of Par:  92%

Total Species: 83

County Birded: Pitkin County

Team Members: John Anderson & Bryan Gieszl


Winner: The Serious Sparrows

% of Par: 23%

Total Species: 44

County Birded: Larimer

Team Members: Ezekiel, Ellison, and Weyland Lynum

Big Sit

Winner: The Kingery Big Sit

% of Par: 57%

Total Species: 96

County Birded: Douglas

Team Members: Hugh and Urling Kingery


Fundraising Champion - Team

Winner: The White-bearded Helmetcrests

Funds raised: $8,260

County Birded: Larimer

Team Members: Nickolas Komar, Doug Swartz, Jay Breidt, John Shenot


Fundraising Champion - Individual

Winner: Bryan Gieszl

Funds raised: $4,193

County Birded: Pitkin County


Photo/ Audio

[No 2022 Participants]


2021 Challenge

The inaugural Colorado Birding Challenge was a success thanks to everyone to participated and donated. 

Counties Birded
Species Observed
Conservation Funds

Grassland Conservation 

Funds raised from the 2021 Colorado Birding Challenge were donated to Bird Conservancy of the Rockies to support two of their ongoing efforts.

    1. Restoration of degraded grasslands in northern Mexico to help provide suitable habitat for wintering Colorado grassland birds whose populations are declining due to decreasing habitat


    1. Expand the Motus network by building a tower to help track the migratory routes, breeding sites, and wintering locations of threatened grassland bird species. This information will help focus future conservation efforts.


Big Day Category Winners


Winner: Team Ouray 

% of Par: 98.9% 

Total Species: 92 

County Birded: Ouray

Team Members: CFO's WFO Liaison Don Marsh, Cliff Utech, and Kent Nelson

There were 39 teams that competed in the Automobile category covering 35 different Colorado counties!  


Winner: The Masked Trogons

% of Par: 56% 

Total Species: 108

County Birded: Larimer

Team Members: CFO President Nick Komar and CFO Board Director Greg Osland

Mode of transport: Foot, Bike

Teams in this category reported observing birds on foot, from bikes, and by kayak!


Winner: Team JPEG Juncos.

% of Par: 60%

Total Species: 94

County Birded: Arapahoe

Team Members: Rob Raker and Mitchell Bailey



Winner: Crystal River's Wild Scenics

% of Par: 63%

Species: 74

County Birded: Garfield

Team Members: Mary Harris, Madalynn Connor, George Waaler and Katie Daniels