Colorado Birding

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CFO's Colorado County Birding resources- by and for the birders of Colorado, as well as for birders visiting from elsewhere. Here you'll find site descriptions and checklists for every county, plus information on habitats, hazards, access to sites and Colorado specialty species. Whether you are a native or a visitor, we hope this site will help you plan trips to find the birds you are looking for.

CFO thanks the many authors and photographers that made these pages possible. Find information that is no longer accurate or want to add a new birding location? Contact us.

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Does an eBird hotspot leave you baffled about access or logistics? Check out the location with site descriptions and more information for planning your visit.

Why Bird colorado?

Did you know that more than 500 species of birds have been recorded in Colorado? That's more than any other interior state, and it highlights Colorado's crucial role in providing natural habitats for breeding birds as well as a critical flyway for migrants. CFO is dedicated to informing, inspiring and uniting Colorado's communities to protect birds and the natural havitat they depend on.

Colorado boasts 64 counties and a multitude of habitats ranging from shortgrass prairie to high alpine tundra that are home to 285 breeding bird species according to the Second Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas published in 2016. As of February 2022, 514 species are recognized on the official Colorado state list managed by the Colorado Bird Records Committee.

County Listing

eBird is fantastic for life lists and contributing to a global scientific database but CFO has long offered the ability to track your observation lists specific to the state and counties.

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