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Colorado Birding Challenge for 2021

We invite all birders to participate in the first annual Colorado Birding Challenge on May 8, 2021. The objectives of this new Big Day event are:

  1. To raise funds for conservation of declining Colorado grassland birds
  2. To generate eBird data for all 64 counties on the same day
  3. To provide a fun recreational event for the Colorado birding community and enable more people to engage in bird conservation.

We encourage you to form a team of 1-4 members. The team leader registers the team and reports the results. See directions for team leaders.

Teams will compete during 24 hours on May 8 within a single county of their choice to find the highest number of species relative to a handicap value determined for their county.  Teams must register for one of the following categories:

  • Automobile
  • Green (all birding by non-motorized means such as walking, cycling, and kayaking; may drive to destination)
  • Youth (high school age or younger; must have an adult driver)
  • Photo/Audio
  • Non-competing 

Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams of more than one person for each of the four competition categories. The winning teams will be awarded with $1000 each to donate to a conservation organization operating in Colorado. We will donate this money from our conservation funds that are separate from funds raised by the CoBC. To be eligible for a prize, teams must adhere to the ABA Big Day rules. These and the complete set of competition rules for the CoBC may be downloaded as pdf files (see resources at left side of page).

We recognize that some people would prefer to bird individually, especially during the current pandemic. If you wish to bird individually, or prefer not to compete or follow the competition rules, we welcome you to register your team under the "Non-competing" category. You (and anyone else on your team) may then bird as you wish. The results you submit to eBird, and any funds raised through donations and pledges, will still be important contributions to the Colorado Birding Challenge.

Other ways to participate :
--- If you don't wish to lead a team, you may join an "open team" if available. Click on link at left side of page for teams currently looking for participants. Scroll down to see list of all teams that have registered.
--- You may donate to the conservation cause (scroll down to donate). 100% of funds raised in 2021 will be used for conservation.

Funds raised in 2021 will be used to: 

 a) restore degraded grasslands in northern Mexico to help provide suitable habitat for wintering Colorado birds whose populations are declining due to decreasing habitat. 

b) build at least one radiotelemetry tower to help track migratory routes, breeding sites, and wintering locations of threatened grassland bird species. This information will help focus conservation efforts in Colorado and Mexico. 

These projects will be operated by our partner the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. See a description of these conservation projects

Registration and participation are free for current and new CFO members.  For other participants who are not CFO members, the entry cost is a $50 donation (which will be used 100% for conservation). Alternatively non-CFO members may join CFO for $25 (or $12 for students) and register for free. Registration is now open for 2021.

We encourage everyone to support this cause by sponsoring a team with a donation pledge (scroll down for currently registered teams) or making a general donation by clicking on MAKE A PLEDGE on the left side of the page.

Our goal is to register teams in all 64 counties of Colorado.

These teams have registered. Support them by clicking the button to the left of the team name and making a pledge of either an amount per species or a specific donation.

 Team NameCategoryCountyCaptainMembers
Team Minner-LeePhoto/AudioBoulderMark Minner-LeeMark Minner-Lee, Everest Minner-Lee
The ThagomizersAutomobileMoffatWalter WehtjeWalter Wehtje
Masked Trogons (Bike)Green/non-motorizedJacksonNick KomarNick Komar, Greg Osland
Larimer LongspursPhoto/AudioLarimerJoe KipperJoe Kipper, EJ Raynor, Caleb Alons, Josh Smith
The Grand BunchAutomobileGrandSue RiffeSue Riffe, Helen Butts, Jai Aragon
El Paso Road Runners (Green)Green/non-motorizedEl PasoDiana BeattyDiana Beatty, Steve Getty, GLORIA NIKOLAI, Tyler Stuart
Plover WatchersAutomobileWeldKathleen SullivanKathleen Sullivan, Barbara Baring
Larimer LarksPhoto/AudioLarimerIrene FortuneLaurie Kleespies, Cheri Orwig, Bobbie Tilmant, Irene Fortune with Christine Sparks in reserve!
CraniacsGreen/non-motorizedArapahoeAllison HilfAllison Hilf Gynia Crane
Lamar WarblersAutomobileProwersBrandon Percival Brandon Percival
Sleeping Ute DreamersAutomobileMontezumaBrenda WrightBrenda Wright, Coen Dexter
Alamosa AvocetsAutomobileAlamosaJohn RawinskiJohn Rawinski Lisa Rawinski
BCR Mighty SparrowsAutomobileMorganArvind PanjabiArvind Panjabi
BCR Dipping DippersAutomobileClear CreekLarry ModesittLarry Modesitt
BCR Bike for Baird’s Green/non-motorizedLarimerErin StrasserTbd
BCR Past, Present, FutureAutomobileAdamsTammy VerCauterenSeth Gallagher, Will Gallagher
Superb LiarbirdsAutomobileBentRiley MorrisHeather Morris Adam Vesely
Higbee Valley ThrashersAutomobileOteroDavid TonnessenWill Anderson, Luke Pheneger
Morg Wash MockersNon-competingMorganBruce BosleyBruce Bosley, Cathy Bosley
Denver DippersAutomobileDenverArt HudakEric Dinkel Art Hudak Michael Dougherty Jake Shorty
Turdus migratoriusAutomobileJeffersonRobin DeGrassi JamesRobin DeGrassi James