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Colorado Field Workshop Series: Lyons female hummingbird ID lead by John Vanderpoel

Aug 16, 2022 8:00AM—11:00AM

Lyons, CO

We will assemble on Davis’s deck and watch for the four expected species among the dozens of hummers that visit his feeders: Broad-tailed, Black-chinned, Rufous and Calliope Hummingbirds. Guidance and instruction will focus on identifying the cryptic females/immatures of these species. The event will last three hours. John Vanderpoel is a lifelong birder and the…

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Colorado Field Workshop Series: Lower Boulder County Foothills Banding Workshop Led by Scott Rashid

Aug 14, 2022 7:00AM—9:00AM

Lower foothills of Boulder County. Exact address will be given to participants.

This is a hummingbird banding and study workshop. Birders will get a chance to see up close the beauty of these flying jewels. We hope to see all four species. Additional bird feeders will provide viewing and photographic opportunities when the hummers take a break. The workshop concludes at 9:00 AM but participants may stay…

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Colorado Field Workshop Series: Hummingbirds at Ranch in Larkspur, CO

Aug 10, 2022 8:30AM—10:30AM

Ranch in Larkspur, CO

We will be observing hummingbirds at the feeders at Haystack Ranch which is adjacent to Sandstone Ranch and Pike National Forest. The owners have graciously given permission for this field trip, as during migration this location is very popular with these birds. We will be walking on a dirt road from our parking spot (ranch…

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Colorado Field Trip Workshop Series: Hummingbirds (and more!) in Mancos, CO

Aug 06, 2022 7:00AM—9:00AM

Mancos in eastern Montezuma County

Numerous hummingbird feeders are maintained at this 37-acre private property in Mancos set in pinyon pine and juniper habitat. All are welcome. No prior knowledge of skills required; questions welcomed. We will focus on identification of all four regularly occurring hummingbird species in Colorado. Other species we expect to see include: Western and Mountain bluebirds,…

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Colorado Field Workshop Series: Hummingbirds on Horsetooth Lake Estates lead by Arvind Panjabi

Aug 02, 2022 6:00PM—7:30PM

Horsetooth Estates

Watch hummingbirds come into the feeders on Arvind’s deck for their last drinks of the day. The Front Range foothills are a migratory corridor for southbound hummingbirds as well as summer residents. You can expect to see 4 species: Broad-tailed, Rufous, Black-chinned and Calliope hummingbirds, along with other bird species. Photo ops should be abundant! Arvind Panjabi…

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Colorado Field Workshop Series: Littleton Backyard Hummer & Plant Identification lead by Tina Jones

Jul 31, 2022 7:30AM—9:00AM

Littleton, CO 80123

This field trip will focus on identification of the 4 common Hummimgbirds, including immature plumages. All levels are welcome.Participants will be sitting while watching the hummers and other birds. Tina’s yard as of the last 4 years has seen a major increase in the numbers of Rufous. Tina will also cover some plants which are good for the birds.…

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Colorado Field Workshop Series: Hummingbirds of Poudre Canyon led by Nick Komar

Jul 30, 2022 6:00PM—7:30PM

Archer’s Poudre River Resort 33021 Poudre Canyon Highway (Colorado State Highway 14) Bellvue, CO 80512

The hummingbird feeders at Archer’s Canyon Grill attract dozens of resident and migrating hummers. We will expect to see plenty of resident Broad-tailed Hummingbirds (adults and juveniles) as well as a small number of migrating adult Rufous and Calliope Hummingbirds (good photo opportunities). Bring a lawn chair. We will stay until sundown (about 7:30 pm).…

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Colorado Field Workshop Series: Manitou Springs Foothills lead by John Drummond

Jul 23, 2022 7:30AM—9:30AM

Manitou Springs, CO 80829

Watch hummingbirds come to the feeders around Jim Merrit’s home in the foothills at Manitou Springs. Expect to see up to 4 species of hummingbirds in adult and juvenile plumages. Seed feeders will bring in additional species to observe often including Band-tailed Pigeons. Good photo opportunities. Bring a lawn chair. The trip will last 2…

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