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CFO is devoted to the study, conservation and enjoyment of Colorado's birds. Each year CFO funds research and conservation projects that will have a lasting benefit to Colorado birds and the habitats upon which they rely.

CFO makes grants to qualifying individuals or organizations to fund programs and projects that will have a lasting benefit to Colorado birds, and the habitats upon which they rely. CFO provides grants for projects requesting $600-$1500. CFO grants can either fund a full project or be applied as matching funds for larger grants benefitting Colorado birds. Recipients are required to provide regular status updates and either publish a short, year-end summary of their funded work in the Colorado Birds journal or present their findings in person at the annual CFO convention.

The top-ranked research proposal every year is awarded the Joe Roller Memorial Grant to support avian research in Colorado and to honor the memory of long-time Colorado birder Joe Roller. The grant was initially funded by donations to Scott Somershoe's 2021 Green Big Year, a green (carbon-free) birding initiative.

Application Information

Information for Grant Applicants

Eligibility: CFO grants are open to individuals and organizations that fit the following criteria: 

    • Conducting avian research in Colorado or species that use habitat in Colorado for either breeding or migrating.

Limitations: CFO grants cannot be applied to the following costs:

    • Institutional overhead/indirect costs.
    • Researcher salaries (stipends for field assistants are permitted)
    • Requests for equipment where use goes beyond the scope of the project (such as cameras, spotting scopes, and office equipment) are usually not permitted and require specific justification.
    • If applicants are concerned about any budget items, they should contact CFO  for clarification.

Reporting Requirements: Recipients of funding will:

    • Publish a short year-end summary of their funded work in Colorado Birds: The Quarterly Journal of the Colorado Field Ornithologists.
    • Present their findings at the annual CFO convention within two calendar years of completing the research supported by CFO.


The grant cycle for 2021 has passed. Dates for the 2022 grant cycle will be posted in fall 2021

Deadline: 11:59 PM on December 10th, 2021 - Late applications will not be reviewed. 

Submission: Email application form to

Notification of funding decision: March 31, 2022


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Research Grant Awards

Past Recipients


2021 William Anderson Taylor Lab, University of Colorado Boulder

Hybridization between non-sister lineages of House Wren (Troglodytes aedon) along the Front Range of Colorado.

2021 Carolyn Gunn Citizen Scientist

Use of a nest camera to capture activities and behaviors of nesting Black Swift (Cypseloides niger) at Box Canyon, Ouray, Colorado.

2021 Mia Larrieu Taylor Lab, University of Colorado Boulder

Exploring the Effects of Urbanization and Elevation on Chickadee Nestling Development.

2021 Angela Theodosopoulos Taylor Lab, University of Colorado Boulder

Effect of infections with avian malaria on nestling survival in two Colorado songbird species.

2021 Casey Weissburg 1. Ramos Lab, Colorado State University Pueblo

Understanding the effects of trophic interactions on Mountain Plover brood habitat selection and survival