Barr Lake Vegetation Removal Update

Bird Conservancy of the Rockies provides the following update on the vegetation removal along the shores of Barr Lake that started in fall 2023. CFO thanks Bird Conservancy of the Rockies for their ongoing efforts at Barr Lake.

Bird Conservancy of the Rockies met with FRICO (Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Company) and Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff to discuss mitigating damage to critical bird habitat at Barr Lake. FRICO’s work along the shore, berm and ditch are expected to take place over the next couple of years and extend along a large segment of the eastern shoreline. They are removing trees that are close to the berm, vegetation in the ditch, changing the slope of the berm and adding riprap for bank stabilization.

Bird Conservancy has banded and released over 45,000 birds of 123 species over the past 35 years at Barr Lake, an invaluable stopover for migratory and resident birds. FRICO has agreed to work with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and us to minimize the impact on the habitat and the upcoming spring migration season and assist with revegetation over the next several years, as well as helping mitigate the loss of large trees with nesting platforms. This will include looking at planting shrubs and other native, water-loving plants along the shoreline to help with nesting and migratory bird habitat.

We want to thank the bird and conservation community and our partners with Colorado Field Ornithologists; Denver Field Ornithologists; Audubon; Wild Birds Unlimited-Fort Collins, Longmont and Denver area stores; individuals and other organizations who are raising their voices and providing awareness for this critical place for birds.

For additional background information on this project, view this 2.5 minute video from 9 News from September 21, 2023.