CFO has a new President

Dear Colorado Birding Community,

The Colorado Field Ornithologists held its annual meeting via Zoom on Monday. I am pleased to announce that the CFO membership approved the new slate of officers which includes the transition of Kyle Carlsen from Acting Secretary to Secretary and CFO Vice President Chuck Hundertmark becomes President.

I will remain on the board in the role of Past President. I look forward to officially welcoming Chuck as the new CFO President at the Joint CFO-WFO Annual Convention to be held July 19-23. I hope to see you all there at Copper Mountain Resort, either at the Welcome Picnic or on a field trip, or at the Presidents’ Social on Friday night which I will co-host with other former CFO presidents and Chuck, or at one of the other exciting activities planned during this convention.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as President of CFO these past four years. I am confident that Chuck will provide excellent leadership for CFO in the years to come.

Nick Komar