Deadline: Colorado Birding Challenge Conservation Grants

Mar 31, 2024

Black and white map of Colorado showing the counties with a graphic of a Lark Bunting and the text Colorado Birding Challenge over it.

CFO donates funds each year to a conservation project impacting Colorado’s birds and bird habitats. Past Challenge conservation initiative grant recipients have received from $20,000 to $40,000, depending on how much is raised by the Challenge, to support the important work to conserve Colorado birds and their threatened habitats. Organizations and individuals with conservation projects impacting Colorado birds and their habitats are invited to submit proposals.

The Colorado Birding Challenge is a fun, county-based birding and conservation event organized by Colorado Field Ornithologists each year. The objectives of the Challenge are to engage birders in a fun day of finding and learning about Colorado’s birds, to provide support for the expanding programs and work of Colorado Field Ornithologists, and to raise funds for an important conservation initiative.