Fire recovery on the May Ranch – Lamar, CO

Fire is now a concern for Coloradans every month of the year (Western Fire Chiefs Association); how will the landscape and wildlife fare? In April 2023, a 9,000 acre wildlife in SE Colorado burned portions of the May Ranch near Lamar, Colorado. In August, Michael Booth from the Colorado Sun visited with Dallas May to see the recovery of the land and wildlife since the May wildfire.

Dallas May spreads his broad shoulders as wide as his grin.

“It’s all back,” he beams.

Two lucky weeks of monsoon rains focused over Lamar and Prowers County have pumped life back into May Ranch…

From A Colorado ranch lost 9,000 acres to a wildfire in April. So how does it look in August? Michael Booth. Colorado Sun. August 15, 2022

Dallas May will be the keynote speaker at the 2024 CFO Convention in Lamar from 2-5 May, 2024. Learn more about the conservation activities on his family’s Audubon-certified beef ranch, including black-footed ferret reintroduction, black rail populations, and supporting the expansions of beaver dams (credited with helping mitigate wildfire effects).

Read the full article and see the impressive before and after pictures of the wildfire recovery on the Colorado Sun website.

Big Sandy Creek after 9,000-acre April wildfire raced through the May Ranch near Lamar, CO. Photos by Mike Sweeney, Special to The Colorado Sun
Big Sandy Creek 102 days after the wildfire swept through the area. Photo by Mike Sweeney, Special to The Colorado Sun.