“Keep Colorado Wild” Pass available in 2023

Beginning in January 2023, when your vehicle registration comes due, you can include a $29 Colorado State Park pass through the DMV.

Support state parks while enjoying our feathered friends
Not only does the “Keep Colorado Wild” pass help support our state parks, the fee also helps support search and rescue teams, avalanche safety programs, wildlife conservation efforts, and accessibility options.

How it works

The “Keep Colorado Wild” pass will be tied to your vehicle registration. To get access, you’ll need to present your registration card upon entry into the park. The park pass is optional, you can decline the additional fee when registering your vehicle. If you use multiple vehicles on your travels around Colorado, you’ll need to include the pass on each registration. Compared to the $120 family pass, which allows you to transfer your pass between vehicles, $29 per vehicle is not a bad deal for most families.

The “Keep Colorado Wild” pass does not replace the other state park passes available, including specialty passes such as Columbine, Centennial, Blue Spruce, Independence, Volunteer, or Military Passes. If you use one of these passes, you can decline the “additional “Keep Colorado Wild” fee when registering your vehicle.

You can find out more on the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website.