Volunteers needed for birds surveys in Rocky Mountain National Park

The wildlife team at Rocky Mountain National Park is seeking additional support in conducting bird surveys this August. These surveys are vital to park operations and allow them to identify important bird habitats that will be protected during fuel mitigation projects, trail projects, etc.

The hope is that they will recruit some volunteers this summer that can be trained to complete these surveys, and that these volunteers may return next summer for more consistent work conducting the surveys. 

From the RMNP volunteer listing:

Rocky Mountain National Park is seeking experienced birders to assist with survey work in the backcountry.

This volunteer position will support the park’s compliance with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Volunteers will conduct surveys in the backcountry to identify trees that birds use for nesting, which will include long days of hiking off trail, climbing over trees, and hiking on steep and uneven terrain. Trees with bird nests will be marked and avoided during fire mitigation efforts. Knowledge of birds is preferred but training opportunities may be available. Work will be scheduled a few days in a row for a few weeks in July-August.

Volunteers should be avid hikers. Work will be done in varying weather conditions.

In your application, please include information about your experience as a birder.